Brand Enablement Metrics

Assess control, plan for growth

Your window into

High-impact brand health metrics at a glance.

Authorized buy box data.

Authorized offer presence for sellers in your network.

Advertised pricing across channels (North America only).

Revenue growth and performance for the brand’s Amazon portfolio.

Channel control is a prerequisite for efficient brand growth. Our Brand Enablement Metrics module provides a simple and centralized view of crucial KPIs to show the level of control a brand has achieved. This, in turn, connects control efforts to growth efforts by guiding decisions about readiness and timing for marketing investments. These KPIs also make it easy to understand where a brand should focus next to further reduce disruption and unlock opportunities.

Digital Channel Control Simplified

See how the Precision eControl platform can help you regain control to elevate your brand leadership to turn success from a goal to a tangible reality.