Disruption Insights

Insights that uplift performance

Empower your brand strategies

View the seller landscape for your products to identify sources of disruption.

Understand which items are experiencing the greatest disruption to sales and pricing.

Quickly quantify the impact of disruption on your business to prioritize enforcement actions.

Measure the impact of mitigation actions on buy box, sales, and advertised pricing over time.

In complex and dynamic marketplaces, success is seized by those who can operate with clarity and precision. Precision eControl Disruption Insights allows brands to adeptly diagnose and measure the business impact of a wide range of marketplace violations. Disruption Insights and our KPI Summary dashboard provide a single source of truth to enable users to identify trends and recommend actions.

Get to the Source of Marketplace Disruption

Redefine digital commerce strategy with Disruption Insights for the biggest global eCommerce and retail marketplaces. Access critical insights and resources to drive better brand outcomes. Leverage the hyperconnectivity of marketplaces, no matter where your brand has an authorized presence. Our platform uses continual discovery, analysis, and cross-channel visibility to help prevent suppression and undercut gray market channel shifts.

Disruption Insights is available for the following marketplaces and regions*

*Not all features are available in all countries and marketplaces. Please contact your Precision eControl representative for more information.

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